We can’t believe how much Taylor Swift is worth


Anyone who’s feeling a bit out-of-pocket after the weekend might want to look away now.

The New York Post has released a list of the top celebrity earners under the age of 25, and it makes for impressive but depressing reading!

We’re not a bit surprised to see Taylor Swift sitting pretty at the top of the list, but our minds are blown after finding out how much the Shake It Off singer is worth, at the tender age of 24 – $200 million.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Clearly, Miley Cyrus has benefited from the controversy surrounding her antics since the VMAs, and she takes second place with a fortune of $150 million, while Justin Bieber takes the third spot with a cool $130 million.

One Direction and Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe finish up the top five, with their earnings totalling a whopping $118 million (combined) and $110 million, respectively.

Take a deep breath and remember that there is still the miniscule chance that you may win the lottery someday.