We CANNOT believe what Heidi Montag just said about Lauren

Fans of The Hills will remember LC and Heidi's notoriously dramatic bust-up during the show's third season – and it looks like it's not quite over yet.

Although the details were never officially revealed at the time, the bitterness between the former best friends was thought to have stemmed from a rumour fabricated by Heidi that Lauren and her then-boyfriend Jason Wahler, had made a sex tape. 

Things ended with a tearful drunken fight between the two outside of an LA nightclub, and although Lauren did attend Heidi's wedding to Spencer in season five, the pair have never patched things up.

Now though, Heidi appears to be trying to forgive herself for the past – and it's not painting her in a very good light at all.

The 28-year-old and her husband Spencer Pratt are apparently trying to work out their relationship problems on a new show called Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, but it seems Heidi is using the show as a platform to get the last word in her dealings with Lauren.

In a newly released clip, Heidi is seen addressing a stand-in as if she is talking directly to her former pal, telling her, "I was the best friend you’ve ever had.”

She then continues by listing Lauren's many faults, saying, "I forgive you for being so insecure in your life and so frustrated for everything that you went through that you felt like you had to blame it on me because that was easier. I forgive you for trying to ruin my life.”

Heidi, honestly… WHAT ON EARTH.

We wonder if Lauren has seen this?!