We are obsessed with Selena’s brand new look!


We hope Selena Gomez’s new hair is here to stay because it is absolutely stunning! The Heart Wants What It Wants singer was spotted with a head full of gorgeous curls recently and even shared a photo on Instagram with her followers.

Although Selena hasn’t said if her new look is for a music video or shoot, we really hope it’s here to stay because we LOVE it!

Selena’s new look comes just a day after rumours circulated that she threw a grade one hissy fit at Taylor Swift’s star-studded birthday bash in New York last week. The singer was said to have gotten very upset about her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber and screamed: “No one understands me! My boyfriend doesn’t even understand me!”

Despite the rumours and the fact that she may not be feeling very good about her love life at the moment – she's certainly keeping her spirits up! After all, does anything cure heartache quite like a brand new haircut (and ice-cream)?