Watch: Lance Bass and Joey Fatone do a BSB track and it’s just weird


Look, maybe we're biased, but no one can do justice to a Backstreet Boys track unless they're an actual Backstreet Boy, so our hopes weren't exactly high when we heard Lance Bass and Joey Fatone had recently taken to the stage to perform I Want It That Way during a karaoke session.

And we were right to be nervous.

Murdering the track which managed to make airport runways alluring and white pants sexy, the two *NSYNC lads looked and sounded like two of our less popular uncles at a family wedding.

Unsurprisingly, YouTubers wasted no time slamming the hairy performance, with one writing: "Probably the two worst singers in NSYNC. Bad, just bad."

Flagging an issue which we're sure NSYNC management hoped would never get too much air-time, another YouTuber wrote: "This was the only time anyone ever heard the two of them sing!"

There may have been a reason for that…