WATCH: Bilbo the tiny dog and his Halloween treat have gone viral

In case you missed it, animals being adorable at Halloween is pretty much one of our favourite things here at SHEmazing

So when we came across Bilbo, the tiny corgi pup, we could barely contain our excitement. 

Bilbo is going viral after his owner filmed him becoming extremely confused by an equally tiny pumpkin.

This Tiny Corgi Hates His Tiny Pumpkin

At first, Bilbo tries to tell this pumpkin who the boss is.

But it doesn’t work, and he does not understand this nonsense.  He tries one last time to get the pumpkin to back off, but it doesn’t work.

The puppy’s owner, Jackie, wrote that this isn’t the first time Bilbo faced off with his orange nemesis. In another earlier video , he is equally infuriated by the seasonal treat.