Want to drop the pounds? Check out these superfoods!

If you're struggling to drop those excess pounds you put on over Christmas, it could be what you're eating rather than how much that's the problem.

Choosing larger portions of certain foods is far more beneficial to weight loss than starving your body by skipping meals or eating less.

Here are a few superfoods that could help to boost your metabolism and kick-start your weight loss journey…

1. Kale
Kale was the buzzy food of 2014, and for good reasons too. This leafy green is packed with filling fibre, but is lower in calories, and is full of amino acids which give your body a natural "pick me up" after eating. Win!

2. Lentils
Adding lentils to salads, soups or even pasta can help prevent the insulin spikes which are a key cause of excess abdominal fat. Cook them from scratch or choose the tinned variety for easy preparation.

3. Goji Berries
These tiny, tangy berries are proven to curb hunger – and they're low in calories too. Take a handful as a snack or use them as a topping on your morning granola or porridge.

4. Almond Butter
Spread this on toast or mix into porridge or a fruit salad to stop blood sugar surges and prevent you craving sweet foods.

5. Avocado
Yes, avocado has a high fat content but it's precisely that factor that makes it a key weight loss food. Avocados contain heart healthy monounsaturated fats which help you to feel more satisfied than other fruit and veg do.

6. Green tea
Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea a day is believed to curb appetite and boost your metabolism. If you can't stomach plain green tea, add a squeeze of lemon or go for the citrus-flavoured teabags.