Vogue Williams asks for help amid ‘nightmare’ bedtime with daughter


Vogue Williams is always very open and honest about her journey through motherhood as a mum-of-three on social media. 

Recently, Vogue has asked her followers for help as she describes her daughter Gigi as a ‘nightmare’ when it comes to bedtime. 

The model posted a snap to her 992K Instagram followers in which she is wearing sunglasses while holding her one-year-old daughter Gigi. The little one is giving her mum a kiss on the cheek.

Williams captioned the cute photo, “My beautiful girl. So sweet but also now a nightmare at bedtime. She keeps waking all night saying she’s hungry, we’ll she says that anytime we put her for a nap or bedtime even though she’s had a huge meal”.

“I’m already in bed hoping she won’t wake four times again tonight. That along with Otto has given me some absolutely stunning eye bags!”.

She went on to say, “Sending all the love to the sleep deprived parents out there. Also any tips for my once brilliant sleeper are very much welcome?”.

Many fans of the My Therapist Ghosted Me host headed to the comments to share their advice with her to help Gigi sleep better at night. 

One fan wrote, “Its usually a bit of separation anxiety and because they see the baby sleeps in your room with you. I offered a sip of water and a cuddle and after about a week it stopped. Good luck xx”.

“Cut afternoon nap, give dinner later, tummy fuller going to bed, reward chart might still be bit young though for that”, penned a second follower. 

Another added, “Banana and warm milk just before bed. Potassium in banana helps sleep and a warm milky or malt based drinks makes you tired x”.

Vogue and her husband Spencer Matthews welcomed Gigi into the world in July 2020. They are also parents to three-year-old Theodore, and Otto, who was born in April of this year.