Victoria Beckham to stay in the UK after divorce announcement


Former Spice Girl and acclaimed fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, has revealed that she plans to stay in the UK “as much as possible” to help her younger sister Louise deal with her recent divorce.

Family-oriented Victoria believes that staying in the UK as long as she can will be a support to her sister in the aftermath of her split from second husband, Darren Flood.

The protective older sister has reportedly been a shoulder to cry on for Louise following the collapse of her five year relationship and has no intention of leaving her sister to deal with the heartache alone.

Commenting on their close relationship, a source said: “They’ve always been there for each other as sisters and it’s one of the reasons she wanted to spend as much time as possible in the UK.”

This is Louise’s second divorce in recent years, having split from first husband Hayden late in 2007.

Like her older sister, Louise is also a mum-of-four and the recent divorce is said to have been very difficult for everyone involved, with an insider saying: “It’s sad for the entire family because they were all close to the couple.”

We’re glad Louise has such a solid support system at this difficult time.