Vicky Pattison’s wedding TV show is now about her break up

Vicky Pattison was set to have her TV show about the planning of her wedding hit our telly screens.

However, in an awkward turn of events, the show will now focus on…her break up from her fiance.


The 31-year-old split with John Noble after he was pictured grinding with girls in a Dubai nightclub.

The pair were getting married in a lavish ceremony in 2019 for a TLC special called Vicky and John Said Yes.

But now the show,  renamed Vicky Pattison: The Break Up, will focus on Vicky getting over her heartbreak.

She said, ''It wasn't an easy decision, but when I commit, I commit 100% and I felt it important to continue to show the realities of my life at that tough time. I want people to see the real me and my real emotions, so they can understand the truth behind the headlines.''

She continued, ''Yes, I had my heart broken but there are more emotions to it and people for the first time will get to see that.”

She added, “The filming process has actually been therapeutic for me. I hope that anyone who has been hurt in a relationship will be able to relate to me when watching the show.'' 

The couple split in November wih Vicky heading to a retreat to look after herself in the aftermath.

Now it seems that she is back on top after calling off her engagement.

Vicky said that her fans will, ''also get the pleasure of following my crazy, fun life – and get introduced to the people that make my world go around; my family, my friends, my management – it’s a bizarre thing to say right now, but I hope people will really enjoy it!”

Vicky Pattison: The Break Up is set to air on TLC UK on January 30.