Vichy Teint Idéal is the illuminating solution for sensitive skin


Competition-headerFor those of us with sensitive skin, finding the right foundation can be a pain. Within minutes of applying The Next Big Thing, our well prepped skin can show signs of flaking, as well as dry patches that ruin our carefully crafted look and knock our confidence.

God, it really is tough being a girl sometimes.

Teint Idéal is a specially crafted foundation for sensitive skin. Thanks to Vichy’s rigorous safety charter, not only does skin not react to the formulation, it is even considered to be 74% less irritated, 74% more hydrated and 76% less red.

The new range was created to combat heavy, unflattering and cake-like complexions with a collection of stunning foundations, powders, illuminators and concealers that celebrate the face behind the make-up.

The range is all about light, illumination and what’s called ‘liquid light technology’. It’s perfect to ideally reflect light and improve the look of tired, grey skin – ideal for the morning after a big night out or when you’ve woken up late for lectures…again.

Because Teint Idéal aims to create a beautifully natural complexion, it means your skin should be in the best shape it can be and the make-up range is formulated to help you do just that. After just two weeks of testing, 96% of women said it gave their skin the perfect texture and corrected dull complexions.

Flawless coverage and improved skin condition – that’s a make-up range that just keeps on giving.

Teint Idéal foundation is available as a cream or in fluid form, with the cream more suited to dry skin and the fluid aimed at people with normal to combination. Both formulas even out and correct skin, providing 24hr hydration and a 14hr hold with a luminous, smooth finish.

The range also contains a compact powder foundation with an all-day hold and dinky little concealer and illuminator roll-ons, which can be popped in your handbag to correct the appearance of pores, redness or dullness on the move. Perfect for when you don’t have time to get your look right before leaving the house.

If you’re a real beauty buff, there are currently lots of great tips and tricks from professional make-up artist Zoë Clark on the Vichy website  to help you get the most out of their Teint Idéal range. Check out the video below to see what you could learn.

The Teint Idéal range is available in pharmacies nationwide from February 2014.

RRP: Fluid Foundation (€22.50), Cream Foundation (€22.50), Compact Powder Foundation (€25.00), Concealer Roll-On (€15.99) and Illuminator Roll-On (€15.99)