Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are your typical besties


You know those horrible nights where everything is going well until you see your ex? Well imagine that, but at the Met Gala rather than your local nightclub. 

No matter how famous and desired Justin Bieber may be, he is still the last person Selena Gomez wants to bump into on a night out.

Vanessa Hudgens appeared on Watch What Happens Live yesterday and was asked whether or not she helped her bestie Selena avoid Justin at the Met Gala. 

"Getting spicy now are we? "Um… I mean, not really," she replied

She then added: "She's one of my best friends and you just want to have your girlfriends’ backs, so that's what I did. We didn't really try to avoid him or anything. I mean, no one really wants to see your ex boyfriend."

Well, we don't want to Vanessa, but your ex boyfriend is Zac Efron so we don't know if the whole not wanting to see him thing really applies here…

While Selena tried to avoid the singer, Justin had different ideas.

He had previously said: "Selena looked gorgeous at the Met Ball!"

Ah here, enough of the mind games Justin, she just wanted to enjoy her vodka and blackcurrant with famous friends.

Sure don't we all.