U2 are playing Croke Park tonight, and Twitter is (obviously) divided

For anyone who may not have gotten the memo, Bono and the lads are taking to the stage in Croke Park tonight.

With some tickets going for as much as €11,000 online, there's no denying that when it come to Ireland's most famous exports, people would bend over backwards to see themselves reflected in Bono's shades.

And with just hours to go until the world-famous foursome take to the stage, Twitter is absolutely hopping, but the thing is, because it's Ireland and it's U2, it's quite a mixed bag.

From elation to pure scorn, Twitter isn't holding back on this one.

1. There was this.

2. But then there was this.

 3. But at least this guy is happy.

4. Unlike these guys.

5. Thankfully, Bono and the lads have this gal on side.

6. But not this guy.

7. Unlike this guy…

8. Ouch.