Two Irish geniuses are opening a café serving ONLY breakfast cereal

If you've ever elected to have three bowls of Cheerios in lieu of dinner, or had a bowl of Coco Pops as "dessert" after a meal, then, like us, you can safely say you're a cereal addict.

So you might be just a LITTLE excited to hear about this latest venture by Northern Irish twins Alan and Gary Keery.

The Belfast brothers are launching their very own cereal-only restaurant next month, called (what else?) Cereal Killer Café. 

The new place will mainly be funded by the brother's own finances – a crowd-funding campaign raised only a fraction of its €80,000 goal – and will open on December 10th.

The only hitch? It's in London. Small details – sure that's nothing a Ryanair flight can't solve!

The café will serve over 100 varieties of cereals sourced from all over the world, along with 12 different milks and 20 types of toppings. Toppings, you say? We're intrigued!

And in case you're not in the mood for a bowl of Rice Krispies with ice cold milk, the lads will also serve up Poptarts, toast and hot beverages. 

Wow. Perhaps its a blessing in disguise that this place isn't in Ireland – we'd be the number one customers!