TV star slammed for cruel ‘fatty’ taunt on Twitter


Lord Alan Sugar has found himself in hot water after he branded a follower on Twitter ‘fatty’.

Elena Raouna, a model and Miss British Beauty Curve 2013, tweeted The Apprentice star, writing: “Evening sugar 😉 Can I call you that? Lol” to which she received the unexpected reply from Lord Sugar that said: “yes no problem as long as I can call you fatty.”

Elena has said she sent the tweet as a fan of Lord Sugar’s and was shocked at the reply she received: “It was just a friendly tweet to say ‘hi’ but my face froze in shock with his reply and I had to check it was his official Twitter page because I couldn’t believe he would be so abusive.”

While a spokesperson for the business mogul has already said they won’t be making any comment on the Twitter spat, Elena says he should apologise for his words: “I think the least I deserve is an apology. He is a Lord and a role model.”

Many people have defended Elena on Twitter, saying that Lord Sugar's words were rude and cruel. 

We wonder if he has been taking social media lessons from Katie Hopkins?