Trinity students ring their grannies to chat same-sex marriage


With the marriage referendum mere weeks away, the Trinity College Students Union decided to get on the blower and have a chat with the older generation about the topic on everybody's lips.

Eager to find out their thoughts on the matter, these students allowed themselves to be filmed while they chatted with older members of their family about same-sex marriage.

Commenting on the video entitled: "#RingYourGrannyfor Marriage Equality", the union said: "In Ireland, and particularly here in Trinity, students and young people are the most likely to vote yes in the referendum. But we typically have the lowest voter turnout."

Reflecting on the effect this can have on the result of May's referendum, the union goes on to say: "It’s still unclear how the older generations are going to vote. And, given that older Irish people are more likely to turn out and vote on the day, this demographic could swing the vote in a very big way."

With some very sweet messages to be found within, we think it's well worth checking out!