Trending: The difference between ‘black pride’ and ‘white pride’


As publications like The Economist denounce the President of the United States for his lacklustre reaction to racial tension across the United States, social media has acted as a platform for members of the public to discuss the narrative surrounding the various acts of violence being perpetrated across America.

As people from varying political backgrounds and affiliations argue back and forth over the difference between 'black pride' and 'white pride', one particular explanation has stood out among countless others, with hundreds of thousands of Twitter users sharing it online.

"A common and seemingly reasonable argument for white pride or white nationalism is "why can't I be proud of my culture?" the post began.

"Well, you can," it continued. "Always have been able to."

"We have Irish pride celebrations, we have German drinking festivals, we have Serbian food festivals. Any European culture you can of has multiple organisations in North America dedicated to taking pride in their heritage and no one gives them sh*t."

"But, you see, when you start talking "white pride", that's not a culture," the post explained. "That's a skin colour. There is no white culture, never was. There is no pan-European culture, never was. Europe is a continent, not a culture or ethnicity."

"Now, some of you are probably about to go "But wait! Black pride! How is that okay?" Well, easy. Go find a black person and ask them if their ancestors were slaves."

Reminding social media users that black people were enslaved and had their cultures taken from them, the writer says: "They can't have Liberian pride or Congolese pride, or 'insert African country' pride because they have no f*cking idea where their ancestors came from other than the broad region of West Africa."

"Meanwhile us white people can often trace our ancestors to specific cities and regions." the writer continues. "I can trace my mother's maiden name to a single f*cking village in Ireland. I know where I come from. I don't have white culture, I have Irish culture."

"So, that's why white pride makes you an asshole, but black pride actually makes sense."

The post has been shared widely across social media over the course of the last 24 hours.