Tips on Selecting the Ideal Handbag for You

Most women love quality, trendy, and stylish handbags. However, some have been blinded by the latest fashion trends forgetting all about the handbags that grace their clothing style. The other mistake many women make is going for bags without assessing their body type. They instead choose to go for brands and different designs to look trendy.

Women's bags are supposed to complement their looks and complement the fashion they rock on that day. Remember, what you accessorise, should blend with your body and the clothing. This guide has essential hacks you ought to have in mind when purchasing your next handbag.

  1. Comfortability

A woman's handbag goes almost everywhere she goes. You do not want to purchase a bag that will make you feel uncomfortable when carrying it. Just like your clothes, you want the handbag to feel comfortable. Get a purse that easily fits under your arm perfectly and does not slide off the shoulder. Also, consider how you carry your bag. Do you carry it with a handle, or do you love one that hangs on your shoulder?

  1. Get the right size handbag

Consider your body size before getting a handbag. Your body type will dictate the bag you purchase. Keep in mind that even the trendiest handbag will look bad on you if it does not compliment your body type.

Fashion enthusiasts suggest that if you are petite and short, you should go for small handbags. However, for the tall and slim ladies, do not buy small bags. Instead, it would be best to have the mid-sized and large handbags as these will go well with your body type.

  1. Get your best colour.

Whether you want the handbag for casual or work purposes, its colour is essential. Pick the bag with a colour that warms your heart and blends with your outfit. If you are not sure of what colour to choose, purchase a handbag that matches most of your outfits' colours.

Consider getting a bag that has just one colour, as this can easily match with every outfit you rock. If you are still unsure of the colour, go for a brown or white handbag. They will complement most outfits.

  1. Consider the occasion

If you are going to purchase a handbag for a given occasion, you ought to consider what type of occasion it is. Different events require different kinds of handbags. For example, if you are travelling, you want a bigger bag that will accommodate more items. On the other hand, if you are gracing a simple occasion like a wedding or a party, you want to keep things simple with a small bag to carry only the essential items.

If you have several things to carry, you could get a tote bag with several compartments to keep perfume, makeup, sunglasses, etc.

Also, check on the style and design of the bag. Is it suitable for official meetings or the upcoming dinner? Is it perfect to have on a date?

  1. Security of the handbag

The handbag is for carrying stuff. That means apart from being fashionable, it should provide some level of safety. It would help if you determined what you will carry with it. Valuable things, such as a laptop, jewellery, and smartphone, could attract a mugger. Is it a closed or open bag that someone can snatch something inside? Please note that you can buy technological gadgets that, when attached to your handbag, can help you trace it in case of theft or loss.

  1. Budget

Looking at the price of a handbag before making a purchase is very critical. Do not go overboard with the budget in the name of a trendy bag. However, it is advisable to save until you have enough for the ideal handbag you want. Again, you do not want to get a cheap handbag that will not last.

A handbag is an investment and should last around two years or more. But do not be extravagant with the most expensive bags for luxury brands that you cannot afford. If it fits all the other factors such as size, colour, and body shape, then it is the right bag for you if it is within your budget.

  1. Check if it has the right pockets.

Does the handbag have pockets, or is it just one large space? If there are pockets, how do they look like, and how many are they? Check to see whether the bag has all the pockets you desire, such as a place where you can pop glasses, a pen, or other miscellaneous things. You probably also want a bag with a pocket to drop the car keys, and they remain safe. Assess the inside and outside of the bag to determine whether it has the right pockets for you.

Bottom Line

Getting the right bag is not just about the trend and style. Whenever you go shopping for a bag, consider all these other factors for the bag to look superb on you.