Tinder is making some changes, and we’re not sure what we think

We are all guilty of having a good long snoop on Tinder when the forever-alone-feels get too much. 

Now, the dating app is making some changes, and is following in the footsteps of Instagram and Facebook by possibly introducing some Snapchat-like video sharing features.

Tinder has announced a deal to take on Wheel, an app startup that allows users share collaborative video stories.

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Tinder hopes to add video features to the ever-growing app, so that potential baes can share *ahem* more about themselves.

As the world's most popular dating app, Tinder makes up to 26 million matches every single day (where are all our matches, then?).

While we are all about that video sharing life, we're hoping the kinds of videos sent on the app wont be too NSFW.

I mean, there is already a d*** pic epidemic, so we can't imagine what a video sharing aspect could have the potential for.

Hopefully people will use the video concept for the intended purpose, but knowing thirsty people on the internet, probably not.