12 things Irish girls see EVERY TIME we open up Tinder

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the ferocity at which we have been Tindering has reached a peak.

The more time we spend on the app, the more things we keep noticing about the calibre of potential love matches on the app.

Like how many lads can really play for their county? There seems to be a suspiciously large amount of them on Tinder.

And why put up a picture of you and a dog if it's not your dog and we will never get to pet it if we date you? Why toy with our emotions like that?

Here's a few other things about Irish lads on Tinder that wreck our heads. 

1. Posers beside tranquillised tigers

Whose second picture is them riding on an elephant. Or holding a sand bucket full of alcohol on beach wearing neon face paint with a flaming skipping rope in the background.

We get it, you've been to Thailand you daring adventurer you. Bonus points if their J1 was "the best three months of my life. Take me back."

2. New shirt, who's this?

As we scroll through the series of selfies and group shots, we notice a something sinister.

He's wearing the same shirt in every picture. Yes we get it, it could be his favourite, but donning the same threads every time he hits Coppers as his "night out outfit" just doesn't sit well with us. Or maybe we're too picky.

3. Group pic detective work

We really really hate when a guy only has a multitude of group pictures and, by process of elimination, we have to try figure out which guy he is.

How awkward if you swipe right thinking he's the cute GAA player and then it turns out you've matched with the bearded lothario who's definitely not your type. 

4. Holding a fish

Unless a guy is posing with a cute puppy who will be part and parcel of our first date, men holding various animals isn't all that attractive.

Especially if they're dead animals who have just been snatched out of a lake and are struggling to take their last breaths while a guy poses cheesily beside it. No thanks.

5. Beside a tractor

Irish guys love posing beside various pieces of farm machinery, and we're really not sure why.

Are you trying to tell us you have a few acres of farm land and, most importantly, road frontage? 

6. At the races

If there are damp patches on your shirt or tie from where multiple pints have been spilled during a heavy day of races boozing, we don't want to see photos of it on your Tinder.

Such drunken, laddish behaviour is rarely attractive, and no one looks their best after drinking a nagan before noon that they had to sneak onto the premises in their dress socks. 

7. The mysterious shirtless torso

Far worse than a pint splattered shirt is wearing no shirt at all.

Those lads who post shirtless pictures as all of their photo options simply scream f***boy, and ain't nobody got time for that. 

8. Your ex

Ireland, as we all know, is far too small.

You may have escaped the clutches of your ex by de-friending them on social media and deleting their number, but there's nothing to stop them popping up on your Tinder if they're in the vicinity.

Prepare to struggle with whether to swipe left or right, just to see what way they would swipe. Dangerous territory. 

9. Whose child is that?

Aw, seeing a man holding an adorable baba would melt our hearts at the best of times, but then the imminent question arises: Whose child is that? 

Kudos to the lads who tell us in their bio "there's me holding my lovely daughter," or "snap number two is of myself and my nephew," just to give us some clarity. We appreciate it. 

10. Just a car

The joke of "is he a bloddy Transformer or something?" gets thrown around a lot in this country, as some Irish lads have a special place in their boy-racer hearts for their automobiles.

It's all fine and dandy if the boy is flaunting a Ferrari for the craic, but posing beside an absolute rust bucket is never cute, no matter how proud of it he is, becasue we don't want to play second fiddle in a relationship to his Subaru. 

11. Up the GAA

As a country who holds the sport close to it's heart, it's no wonder that every second lad we swipe through is wearing a GAA jersey.

Sightly rarer are the rugby players and the hurlers, but they still appear frequently. 

12. D*** pics

If there are any lads reading this, please consider this to be a public service announcement: We do not want your unsolicited d*** picks.

We are sure there is a time and a place for that kind of carry on, but five minutes into a conversation about Stranger Things with a total stranger is not it.