Three days in New York


Heading to New York for the weekend? You can fit in a lot of the sights and still manage to have time for shopping!

Day 1
You are probably still slightly jet lagged, so take it easy today. To save money, hop on a boat to Staten Island which will pass by the Statute of Liberty. While you won’t actually get up close and personal with the big green lady, you will still experience the wow factor and get to have a sit down! Next, head to one of New York’s most iconic sights – Central Park. Grab a coffee and wander around taking it all in. 9/11 Memorial should be in your list next.

Day 2
Get up early and head to the Empire State Building. Even if you don’t like heights this is a must-see. Times Square should be next although you need to see this after dark as well so head back here after you have done some shopping. Yes, finally we mention shopping! Spend the day blowing your budget before catching a show on Broadway.

Day 3
It’s your last day so you better make it a good one. Head to the Rockefeller Centre and get in some more shopping. You don’t want to be hungover on your flight tomorrow, so skip the pub and instead opt for a baseball, football or basketball match.

You’ll probably need another holiday after this weekend though!