This “Starbucks for Life” prize is both amazing and terrifying

We do love a good morning coffee/sugar fix, but we still kinda hate the fact that Starbucks seems to have a global monopoly when it comes to hot beverages. 

Whatever your opinion on Caramel Frappucinos and Toffee Nut Lattes, we bet you'll get a kick out of the coffee giant's latest promotion.

In an effort to boost sales over the Christmas period, Starbucks are launching a "Free Drinks for Life" Competition." Ten lucky Starbucks card users will apparently be surprised with the long-life prize sometime between December 2nd and Christmas Day.

A lifetime supply, by the way, actually only translates to 30 years of free drinks, but that's still pretty impressive. And just a little bit scary.

The competition is currently only open to customers in the US, but who knows, it may be extended to Europe too. 

Think how far you could go with the Starbucks secret menu if you had those privileges! A Kit Kat Frapp for us, please. Or a Cinnamon Roll Frapp. Or a… The choices are endless!