This new Netflix series is set to rival the success of Making a Murderer

So, remember that time Making a Murderer took over your life and you didn’t leave your room for two days?

Well, get ready to do it all over again, because Netflix are set to release a new seven-part murder documentary series, and we’re already sold.

The Keepers tells the story of the unsolved murder of Sister Catherine ‘’Cathy’’ Cesnik, a nun and teacher from Baltimore.

The 26-year-old vanished in December 1969 before her body was discovered two months later. 

According to People, much like Making a Murderer, the series will investigate Sr. Cathy's life, the lives of the many people she touched and the hidden stories in Baltimore that may be connected to her mysterious death.

The trailer is set to drop this week and the full series will be available to watch on Netflix from May 19. 

We can't wait for this. 

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