This new health trend may have you feeling queasy

A new health trend is sweeping the US which means that in no time at all, it will be here too! This new health food isn’t one for the vegans or vegetarians, however, as it is…bone broth.

Yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. Broth made from the bones of animals. According to Life and Style magazine, the new trend is a big hit with none other than Gwyneth Paltrow.

We know, that is exactly what you wanted to hear, right?!

Dr Wendy Bazailian told the magazine how the gelatine from the bones of the animal can not only aid digestion and joint pain but also work wonders for hair, skin and nails. The bone broth is also said to aid weight loss.

The health craze is already massive in LA (of course) as well as broth restaurants popping up in New York City too. One such cafe, Brodo's, sees patrons sipping their broth from coffee cups, rather than soup bowls. The owner, Marco Canora, has also said that he plans to add a vegetable broth to the menu for all of the veggies out there. 

The broth can be made from beef, chicken, fish or lamb. Vegetables are usually added to give further flavour to the broth. Think of it like an unblended soup with animal bones. Mmm…

So will you be sticking with the green juice or are you going to head to your local butchers and give bone broth a chance?!