‘This Morning’ had a very awkward marriage proposal LIVE on TV


To celebrate the leap year tradition of women proposing to men, one woman took a very gutsy approach and decided to do it on live TV.

A woman named Helen appeared on This Morning, ready to pop the question to her butcher boyfriend Mark.

As she made her way into his place of work, the cameras pan over to Holly and Phillip, who look quite nervous.

Obviously surprised to see his girlfriend with a big film crew, Mark looked a little perplexed before the whole event went down. 

Helen started off joking about sausages before saying: "I want to ask you a serious question, I've come to ask, will you marry me?"

And THIS is where we start to get really nervous. Like, really, really nervous.

First, he doesn't really answer, then he mumbles something about "need to think about it" before he eventually says, "of course I will." PHEW. 

The reaction from Holly and Phillp is the best ever, though.