This lunch is way prettier than our ham sandwiches

A bento box is a single-portion home-made meal made for eating out. They’re popular in Japan and traditionally include rice, fish or meat.

Megan Noh decided to take the traditional bento box, and make it into the prettiest lunch ever. You may scoff and say, “Sure I could do that too if I didn’t have a million and one other things to do”, but Megan is actually a lawyer, so she definitely hasn’t got a lot of time on her hands.

She said she did it so that she could have at least five minutes of relaxation and beauty in her life:

“I started doing bento, just as the bio on my website says, to ensure that at least 5 minutes of my day was spent in a relaxing, delicious and aesthetically pleasing fashion. It was also a creative outlet for me.

“Preparing and photographing an individual bento typically took me between 45 minutes and 2 hours. I'm not suggesting that that's a reasonable amount of time for most people to spend preparing lunch — particularly busy moms preparing kids' lunches. However because I was, especially towards the end of my bento career, an extreme perfectionist, and because this was my art form, I spent a lot of time getting each shot just right.”

We are in awe of her talent and dedication!