This Irish version of The Notebook will bring you to tears


Every girl around the world is moved by The Notebook and the romantic story of Ali and Noah. Most guys are too, even if they don’t admit it…

Now, an Irish version of The Notebook couple have been found and it is that bit more special. In TV3’s Home from Home series, Mary Coleman is moved into the Glanaulin Nursing Home in Dublin after she develops dementia and could no longer live at home. 

Her husband, Frank used to visit her every single day before moving into the home himself under doctors’ advice. Frank spoke about his sadness when Mary had to leave him to go to Glenaulin: “I used to bring her up to the doctor, he told me she was sick, the old Alzheimer’s. I didn’t notice it. She must have had it when she was with me in the house. I didn’t notice. I didn’t know what it was. They told me she was sick and then I felt sad over that and she had to go into the home.”

Now, Frank lives with Mary in the home though he still maintains his old lifestyle as he often goes to meet friend for a pint in his local. 

Frank says that he often talks to Mary about their life together, and especially about the time he proposed to her in Phoenix Park. The dedicated husband also says that he would like to go first: “If anything happens, I’d like to go first, not Mary, because if she goes it would break my heart, it really would.”

Frank and Mary’s story will air on TV3 on New Year’s Eve.