If you watch one video today, it’s this historic look at Irish 80s goths

One day in the distant future, we're probably going to look back and lol at how we dressed as teens and young adults. 

A group of goth-styled teens from Dublin are probably feeling the exact same way right now, as 30-years on, evidence of their alternative past has resurfaced. 

An RTE segment from 1989 is currently doing the rounds, after it appeared on Reddit's front page and was re-shared by Lovin' Dublin. 

The video, called Goths, Cureheads and Psychobillies, was actually posted to Reddit four years ago, but recently gained new traction. 

The video shows ‘Head to Toe’ presenter Mary O’Sullivan delving into the gothic subculture on the streets of Dublin (and frankly, her glasses are the star of the show.)

The teens she interviews range from back-combed, shirt wearing Cureheads, to self-proclaimed goths in crucifix necklaces and heavy eyeshadow.

Check the full video out here on the RTE Archives and prepare for some serious nostalgia.