This girl has had ENOUGH of her boyfriend’s addiction!


Commuters on the subway in China couldn’t believe their eyes when a couple had a MAJOR public bust-up, because the guy wouldn’t get off his phone!

People who were there caught the incident on camera, and it looks like it was pretty serious!

The woman dragged her boyfriend off the train and even pressed her foot against his face to make him stop, but he was well and truly glued.

Some people think it might have been a publicity stunt for a phone company, but the people who witnessed the fight first hand said it was definitely real. Apparently the woman’s boyfriend had been walking so slowly behind her (‘cause it’s hard to text and walk, as we all know!) that they nearly missed the train. One onlooker said:

“She just flipped out and tried to grab the phone off him and when that failed she had been forced to drag him onto the carriage before the doors closed. She was shouting a lot and telling him to let go of the phone.”

Apparently things cooled down after a while and the fight turned into a “pretty light-hearted” event – but still! It sounds like this couple are in need of a long talk!