‘First photo’ of Jennifer’s wedding dress turned out to be a fake


Earlier this month, it was announced that Jennifer Aniston got married to her fiancé of three years, Justin Theroux.

The couple managed to pull it off, on Wednesday the 5th of August, while keeping it a huge secret from the public, with only guests being aware that it was on.

The ceremony took place in their Bel Air mansion with a host of celebrity guests present including Orlando Bloom, Emily Blunt and Jimmy Kimmel. 

But besides all of that, all people really care about is what her dress looked like. So people got a bit excited when this image popped up on social media claiming to be the first picture from the wedding. 

A fake Jennifer Aniston Facebook page posted a picture of a woman in an extravagant wedding dress with the caption "You have my whole heart for my whole life. #WeddingDress."

Fans went wild when they saw this picture with so many of them congratulating her on how amazing she looks and a number of news outlets shared the photo as the first shot of Jennifer in her wedding dress. 



But the truth came out pretty quickly. The fact that there is no blue tick beside the Facebook name is the first indication that this was a fake and then to really confirm out doubts, the picture was found on Pinterest. Fail.