This famous lady stands by her man amid cheating claims


Kelly Brook and David McIntosh have only been together for four months and already they’ve had a break-up, an engagement, public rows and a cheating scandal – we’re tired just writing that sentence!

David’s ex Sarah Beverley Jones emerged a few months ago, claiming:  “I’d say he cheated on me with at least six girls. I don’t think Kelly knows the real him – after nine months, I didn’t.”

She also thought it necessary to add that he was a “vain, manipulative, bullying cheat”.

Now porn star Gina Rodriguez has waded in, saying the ex-Gladiator approached her on Facebook and called her “really sexy,” even offering to “pose naked” for her.

She also claimed David played down his relationship with Kelly, telling her they were only “kind of” engaged.

Kelly doesn’t seem too concerned and after David told the public, “I have never spoken or messaged Gina. I have never heard of her. I’m loyal to Kelly,” Kelly posted a tongue-in-cheek picture of her fiancé on Instagram, with the caption, “Get off Facebook and get back in the kitchen”.

We really hope the New Look model’s faith is rewarded.