This Co Mayo bride is the reason every gal should rap on her big day

When it comes to speeches at Irish weddings, it often looks like the lads have the market cornered.

From the father of the bride and the best man to the groom himself, us ladies often take a back seat when it comes to public speaking on our big day.

Unless you’re Ina O’Brien, that is.

Taking social media by storm this week, this stunning bride from Co. Mayo turned the notion that us ladies merely smile through the speeches on its head, and gave a rendition of Ice Ice Baby which has Facebook users falling all over themselves.

Clocking up a staggering 55,000 likes in 23 hours, Ina and her new husband, Aidan, have been inundated with congratulations from Facebook users only dying for the next instalment.

With suggestions flooding in that Ina has found her true vocation in life, the new bride responded: “lol. Think it’s a bit early to quit the day job!!!! Don't worry you can shoot my next video!!!!”

Ladies, feast your eyes.