Third time lucky for this Hollywood couple?


So there is some pretty major news coming from Hollywood today on the romantic front – Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult are said to be back together!

No, you’re not experiencing deja-vu, this is the third time!

A source has revealed that Jennifer has in fact split from Chris Martin, and has become very close with Nicholas ahead of getting back to work on their next X-Men movie.

The source told The Daily Star that the pair have been boding over Skype calls, and the spark appears to have been reignited.

“Nick was devastated for Jen when her nude pictures were hacked and felt guilty and responsible because they were for him. He still adores Jennifer and so do his family,” the source said.

They added: “He’s been calling her and they’ve been speaking regularly on Skype. Their relationship is getting closer and his family would love for them to get back together.”

Excuse us while we wipe the gigantic smiles off of our faces. Who doesn’t love Jen and Nicholas together?