Things girls do after one too many drinks


1. Tell people you love them

Whether you think someones really hot, or the person who just said something tooootalllyyy hilarious, or the person you just met in the queue. ‘Oh my God, seriously, I actually love you though, like, seriously!’

2. Break out the 90′s music video dance moves

I’m talking Elton John’s epic cheesy tune ‘I’m Still Standing‘ kinda dancing, and shamelessly, then your mate spots you from across the beer pong table, and suddenly it escalates into a serious dance off.

3. Can’t even

What can’t you even? It doesn’t matter, because you can’t… even.

4. Flirt outrageously with your best friend

She is HOT.

5. PDA

Couples are the worst for this, we get it, you’re in love. Take it home please.

6. Karaoke

Despite not having a note in your head, you’re the next Whitney, and nothing is gonna stand in the way of you becoming a superstar.

7. Emotions

Happy to sad to angry to really sad to laughing to really sad again. So many feels.

8. Makeup

You knew it was a bad idea to bring the bronzer. Now it’s being passed around the twenty girls standing in front of the mirror. Ewwww.

9. Bad outfit choices

That snapback does not go with your dress, and no you do not look better in a onesie.

10. Nap

That slump you hit after the first 6 or 7 drinks, then the row that follows when you sneak of for a lie down and your friend finds you having a shhneeeaky kip.

11. Spend the night in the toilet

‘I’m just goin’ for a quick wee!’ Only to emerge ages later when the lights are on and the music has stopped.

12. Drag up the past

Forgiven, never forgotten. Especially after two tequilas.

13. Snapchat/Facebook/Twitter


14. Spend all of the money

Who wants a shooooot? It’s on meeee!

15. Make plans

Arranging to meet people who you have no intention of meeting, or arranging dates with people you have no interest in.

16. Hanky Panky

Shifting people you shouldn’t be shifting, the odd one night stand… Blame the beer goggles.

17. Steal

MINE gif

Traffic cones, shopping trolleys, potted plants, beer mats, some ornaments from the neighbours garden and even dogs. Put it back, ya hooligan!

18. Deny that you’re drunk

I’m fiiiiiine

19. Lose everything

House keys, purse, phone, ID, dignity, we’ve all been there.

20. Underestimate

We’ll all walk to that club, sure ‘it’s only 2 minutes away!’, but sober you knows that it’s a good 15 minute trek, and you’re wearing ridiculous shoes, best make that 20 minutes then.

21. Smoke

You don’t smoke, you never have, and you probably never will. You’re coughing uncontrollably, you look silly and your mouth is going to taste like ass in the morning.

22. Talk to yourself

Everyone is guilty of this one. Whether you’re complimenting yourself or just standing at the mirror saying ‘I am soooooo drunk’ to your reflection and pulling faces, it’s pretty hilarious to be fair.

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