Things are going from bad to WORSE for Playboy’s Dani Mathers


Social media went into meltdown this week when Playboy model and former Playmate of the Year, Dani Mathers, violated another woman's privacy by sharing a nude shot of her on Snapchat.

Publicly mocking the unassuming woman, whom she encountered in a ladies locker room, the model wrote: "If I can't unsee this, neither can you."

Sickened by Dani's disregard for both the woman's privacy and emotional wellbeing, the internet called on the star to apologise which she did  – claiming the photo was posted in error – but it's simply not enough.

Despite insisting that she loves the female form and the post was for a girlfriend and not meant to be seen by the wider public, Dani has been barred from the gym (and all its branches) and suspended from a regular slot on a radio show.

According to TMZ, a representative for the LA Fitness chain confirmed that Dani "is not permitted back at any club, ever" while the powers that be at LA's KLOS radio station have suspended the model indefinitely from her role on the Heidi and Frank Show.

Dani has deleted her Twitter account in the aftermath of the uproar.