They’re moving in! Lea Michele’s getting cosy with new boyfriend!

Actress Lea Michele is getting very serious with her boyfriend Matthew Paetz. The pair have been together for just four months but Matthew has reportedly already moved in to Lea’s house.

This is Lea’s first serious relationship since the death of her boyfriend, fellow Glee actor Cory Monteith, last July. 

Sources close to Matthew said he packed up his stuff over the weekend and brought a moving van to Lea’s $1.4 million mansion in Hollywood.

In a standard I’m-totally-going-to-move-in-soon tactic, Matthew apparently already had a toothbrush and spare clothes at Lea’s place. We know that trick! In fairness though, the two of them have looked totally smitten in every photo we've seen:

We wonder if Lea’s going to have to whip Matthew into serious boyfriend shape – rumour has it he is a former gigolo who once earned $17,000 a week for his “services.” Hmmm!