These lip balms would be perfect for your Kris Kringle pressie


Over the coming weeks, it looks like the only thing we will be able to do is to enjoy the outdoors with autumn walks.  The weather has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and our faces take the brunt of the harsh elements.  We always carefully look after our skin, but frequently forget about taking good care of our lips. 

We are not doing much kissing this weather with the pandemic curtailing our movements, but outdoor way of life has definitely led to seriously sore and dry chapped lips. So, it is just as well that our favourite French brand Nuxe has launched some lovely balms.

The ultra-nourishing and repairing lip balm with honey created quite the office buzzzzzz (we couldn’t resist!) with 3 new irresistible limited editions to collect: ‘Bee Free’, ‘Bee Happy’ and ‘We Love Bee’. With their rich amber hues.

The iconic formula of the ultra-nourishing and repairing Lip Balm with Honey concentrates all the treasures of the hive. Honey, Beeswax and Propolis Oleo-active (a substance harvested by bees that contains anti-ageing properties) deliver real apitherapy to bring a smile to your face.  It also contains precious botanical oils and Shea Butter for an intensely comforting effect on lips in need of a sweet boost.

The balm has also proven its benefits with spectacular results on dry and damaged lips, obtained in conditions of extreme cold. In a use test, 20 volunteers tried the products with great success noting strong improvements.  

  • Lips salved and soothed: +157%
  • Lips repaired: +136%
  • Lips nourished: +154%

The products have a luscious melt-away texture and distinctive natural scent with notes of grapefruit and lemon create a completely addictive experience.

We suggested you get all three, one for your work desk, handbag and beside table, so you can keep dry and cracked lips at bay this winter.  They'd also make a ridiculously cute addition to a Christmas stocking too. On sale in all good pharmacies nationwide with a RRP of €12.