There’s a magical WIZARD inspired afternoon tea happening in the UK

Is there anything better then a cheeky little afternoon tea, of a Saturday?

How about a potion themed afternoon tea, in jolly old London? (Harry Potter vibes!)

Yeah, I know, unbelievable.

Starting on May 3, wannabe wizards will be able to don their robes and take part in a potions class with a difference.

The difference being that there will be tiny sandwiches and booze involved. Hurray! 

The event is held in The Potions Room of the Cutter & Squidge bakery in London.

The website gives a bit of detail surrounding these amazing events: 

"You are invited to attend a Potions Class at the Cutter & Squidge secret School of Wizarding Alchemy, where delicious food and magical potions combine in our wonderful and exclusive world of fantasy."

As a wizard-in-the-making, you will be invited to join the Potion Master to learn some of his secrets in an immersive experience, whilst enjoying a feast for all senses.

Image result for harry potter gif

During the experience, you will be treated to a delicious sweet and savoury Afternoon Tea inspired by classic British flavours and this, combined with the drinkable and edible potions you will be creating, will ensure that you are bubbling to the brim by the time your class ends! 


The menu also looks delicious, and includes finger sandwiches, Yorkshire pudding, butterscotch biscuits and scones (obviously). 

Tickets cost £49.50 (or £79.50 for a special VIP experience) and can be purchased online

The whole event takes 2.5 hours, and is really something not worth missing! 

Anyone for a weekend trip to London?