The worst first date ideas EVER!

Some of these may seem tame enough, but if you really think about it, they’re mental date ideas.

1. The cinema
Sitting beside a stranger in the dark for nearly three hours? What if the theatre is empty? How creepy is that?!

tumblr_msmy4nJyNs1s6rvo4o1_5002. Dinner
People seem to think it’s normal to go on a first date and EAT in front of someone you are trying to seduce. Spinach in your teeth or snorting your drink are defo not good looks.


3. Clubbing
You can’t hear your date and there is some randomer shoving his ass into you. Your elbows are sticky from leaning on the bar for what felt like 3 hours and at this stage, home is looking good.

tumblr_n25knrmGcw1s7zl51o1_2504. Local pub
Unless you want to risk your parents cooing over your potential new beau, leave the local OUT of the first date plans. 


5. Cosy night-in
This may seem like a lovely idea, until you almost burn the house down after one too many glasses of red wine. To calm your nerves, obvs.

tumblr_my7gygWnz81s7mhoro1_5006. The zoo
There is not enough entertainment at the zoo to stop those awkward silences. Especially when you reveal yourself as an Animal Planet geek and things starts to look bleak.

tumblr_m8ssfbxrRV1rnmv28o1_4007. Scenic walks/hiking
You’ve never gone on a hike in your life and now your trying to pass yourself off as the next Bear Grylls. This isn’t gonna go well girl!


8. Family meetings
If you do this on a first date, it is guaranteed to be your last.

tumblr_mh1r04tcl31r0yq4zo1_5009. Swim date
You accidentally slip and your top falls down. Great, they’ve seen your boobs on the first date.


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