The world’s most expensive hotels revealed


When it comes to choosing a hotel for our holidays we normally go for the cheapest one we can find. That being said, we certainly would never say no to a night in one of these.

The world’s most expensive hotel suite is the Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson in Geneva. For £40,000 a night you can sleep in the same bed that Rihanna slept in. However, you do get value for money with four bedrooms, 12 marble bathrooms, bullet proof windows and your own security team.

You’ll find the world’s most expensive suite in India, the Maharajah’s Pavilion at the Raj Palace Hotel in Jaipur to be exact. For just £27,000 you will be treated to mirror walls, a jacuzzi and gold leaf decor.  

In third place is the Ty Warner Penthouse Suite at the Four Seasons in New York City.  Here you will be treated to 360° views of the city and your very own butler and Rolls-Royce. Nice.

According to Jack Ezon, you get what you pay for: “It’s not so much about the suite — it’s about the lifestyle it offers. It’s about the service and staff and what they can get you at a moment’s notice. You want to go to the Chanel show in Paris? It’s that kind of access you get.”