The world’s most expensive burger has been unveiled

The world’s most expensive burger has been unveiled – and it may make you feel slightly ill.

Forget your double quarter pounder with cheese – the $1,768 “Glamburger” is a monstrous piece of culinary art consisting of a 280 gram meat patty, also containing black truffle brie, lobster, beluga caviar, venison and duck egg.

Oh, and we forgot to mention that there’s an edible gold leaf sitting pretty on top.

If the elaborate range of tastes and flavours doesn’t sit well with your palate, then you might want to look away before we reveal just how calorific this concoction is. The Glamburger packs a mighty punch to the gut, clocking in at 2,618 calories.

Suddenly, we’re not feeling so hungry for lunch.

The Glamburger was created by chef Chris Large in collaboration with Groupon, who wanted to do something extra special to mark the sale of their five-millionth food and drink voucher in Britain.

Large has said that he will give the Glamburger away free to the winner of a special competition that is set to run shortly.

Will you be putting your name into the hat?