About time! The world’s first selfie foundation!


Seen as we are all so fond of getting in front of the camera these days, it’s about time someone invented a foundation that can make us look perfect even under the harshest of lights!

Dior have come up with Diorskin Star Foundation, which uses titanium. Apparently this ingredient helps to stop the skin from becoming shiny, and also soothes red patches while ‘amplifying radiance’.

We couldn’t really ask for much more from a foundation! The company developed the make-up after discovering that seven out of ten women aren’t too happy with the end result of selfies. Hopefully the ‘intelligent pigments’ which capture the light in the new make-up will make this dissatisfaction a thing of the past!

We thought Kim Kardashian may have been the face of this new foundation, seen as she’s such a fan of selfies, but no, it is the lovely Natalie Portman instead.

Good choice, Dior! We’re sold!