The Victorias Secret Fashion Show 2018 had it’s lowest ratings ever


Victoria's Secret have been at the forefront of a debate on body diversity in recent weeks. 

The spotlight focused squarely on the brand, after comments made by creative director Ed Razek, who said they weren't willing to cast plus-size or transgender models in this year's show in order to maintain the 'fantasy' aspect of the show. 

Victoria's Secret later said that they were perfectly happy to cast a transgender model in the show, and that transgender individuals were always welcome to come to castings, but that it just hadn't happened yet. A few weeks after the scandal, the show aired on December 2nd – to it's lowest ratings ever. 


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According to Entertainment Weekly, it garnered 3.3 million viewers for the 2018 show.

This is compared to 5 million last year, an almost 25% drop. 

However, the show's views have dropped steadily in the past few years, so it is unclear whether this is due to a boycott following Razek's comments. 


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Another aspect that could contribute is the fact that there was a heavy saturation of sneak peeks at the show via social media. 

In previous years, the final show was a well guarded secret, with looks from the show being kept under wraps until the airing – however with the likes of Instagram models who walk in the show and attendees alike are able to share snippets of the show weeks ahead of the air date. 

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