The transport strikes may be awful, but the Twitter responses are GAS


Commuter chaos ensued this morning when Dublin Bus, Irish Rail and Dart services were all disrupted by secondary strikes.

The only good thing to come of all this inconvenience?

Image result for eye roll

Well, the Twitter banter of course.

Here's a few of our favourite tweets by commuters:

10. This one's a little rude, but we're sure some people shared this sentiment.

9. This is so true.

8. The sass.

7.The irony.

6. The Luas is the only service running today so YEAH!

5. You and me both, Shane.

4. Hipsters doing it right.

3. Taxi drivers are going to be minted by the end of the day.

2. An actual gif of everyone waiting at bus tops this morning for services that never came.

1. Some people are more angry with the Minister of Transport than the transport services.