The top seven healthy eating Instagram accounts to drool over

There are now over 300m active Instagram users, and with that there are more than 150m posts using the hashtag #food. 

Even better, there are 8m posts using the #healthyfood hashtag. 

From #foodporn to #avocadotoast, we are the generation the snaps up everything that we eat, and these healthy food IG accounts will give you some serious inspiration for your next meal: 


Nutrition, health and wellness writer, Jacqueline Alwill, will continually inspire you with great healthy dinner ideas.



This lady shows just how simple eating well can be with her drool-worthy IG posts. 



The author of I Quit Sugar proves that healthy eating doesn't have to be boring. 



This husband and wife duo want us to love our bodies enough to nourish them with healthy food. 



This IG account shows an abundance of meals that advocates plants in all their varieties. 



When food looks this good it's hard not to run to the kitchen and whip up something green and hearty. 



A private health coach from New York shows her colourful clean eating recipes.