This star has NO time for her Girls Aloud bandmates


Nadine Coyle says that while she is still in denial over the end of Girls Aloud as a band, she doesn’t really care about seeing any of her bandmates again.


When asked if she misses Cheryl and co, she replied with a simple: “No.” And they won’t be coming to see her sing in Michael Flatley’s new Lord of The Dance show either. The star said: “I spend time with loads of people. I think it’s just because maybe you’re so busy that you just kind of get totally wrapped up in your own life.” Yeah, sure….

Cheryl has certainly busy, what with getting married on the sly and all, and Nadine says she’s really happy for her: “I sent her a wee message to say congratulations. I mean it was a whole whirlwind thing so she must have been just having a ball of a time. So hopefully she’s really happy.”

Nadine hasn’t got any plans to walk down the aisle any time soon herself though. She says it’s all about her sister at the moment, so she wouldn’t want to steal her thunder:

“Wedding bliss for me? My sister’s getting married so it’s not all about me. It’s all about my sister’s wedding.

“And we’re getting dresses and venues and caterers, so it’s all about my sister now and then I’ll think about getting married one of these days. Maybe.”

By the sounds of it, the singer is happy with her life as it is now that she’s a mother:

“I find [motherhood] great. I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. If it’s not about Anaiya, it’s not on my radar at the minute.”