The rules for a ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement


Don’t stay the night
Whether it’s three in the morning or three in the afternoon, make sure you get out of there. Lazing around whispering sweet nothings into each others ears can only do detrimental damage to any hopes of keeping things strictly get out of there. Leg it if you have to…


Maintain Respect
It’s a pretty sweet situation to be in if you can, in fact, maintain the no-strings attachment; therefore an element of respect will be required at all times. No one should be taking advantage of anyone as you are both giving each other the best present ever!

No Dates
Yet another ‘routine’ that can see you headed for relationshipville. Don’t even order room service if you  end up in a hotel! This is a strictly ‘benefits only’ deal, so keep touching base with your ‘friend’ to see if you’re both still on the same page, but no dates, no cinema….no, no, no.


Act Out Fantasies
It’s just about sex right?! Well then take it further than the boring missionary. Explore some karma sutra magic or try out something you never thought you would. Nurse uniform? Check! Hi vis and hard hat? Check…another hard hat…check.


Stay focused.
This is only about sex, you need to keep telling yourself that. If it changes and you start feeling emotions then you need to either stop doing it or speak up. Either way if emotions start to creep in someone will get hurt.



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