The perfect gifts to buy for your nieces and nephews

With a new year, comes new birthdays – and if you're buying for nieces and nephews, we've got the gift guide you need. 

Giving and receiving gifts is always such a lovely experience, and experts also believe that gifting has a vast impact on human psychology – it stands to reason, doesn't it?

So … what doe get? Let's break it down for you.

Children clothing

There's something very special about getting a beautiful wool coat or pretty dress for that fashionista niece, but make sure you do your homework first. Make sure you know what kind of clothes she likes to wear. Lots of kids will allow parents buy them their clothes without much interaction, but there are also those that are hugely vocal about likes and dislikes. If she falls into the latter category, find out whether she would like a Billieblush dress or just some plain shorts or leggings. The last thing you want is disappointment on the big day, and to ultimately waste your money.

Personalised books

These are such a wonderful gift to give – and quite special to create. Children and story books go hand in hand, the only thing that makes them better is when the story is about them. There are lots of companies out there that offer different levels of personalisation, with some going as far as creating a whole story around the child. You'll be the best aunt out there when you create this gorgesou gift, and it's something the child will enjoy for many years. And mum will be happy too as it helps with early child literacy, communication, and social skills.


There are lots of different smartwatches on the market, with many that will send messages, receive calls, snap photos, and even have GPS tracking, as well as telling them time. You can choose the one that suits your budget, but also that the child will enjoy.

The GPS tracking addition is great for obvious reasons, and there are also ones that count steps which are a brilliant way for kids to stay active. You'd be surprised how motivated they are to top their best on the step counter without any encouragement.

Jewellery Making Kit

This is a gift that you can both enjoy and as well as being lots of fun, jewellery making allows them to strengthen and practice essential skills. Some of them include creativity, cognitive, fine motor, visual motor, bilateral coordination, and social skills. Playing with beads also help train young ones on how to customize designer dresses with matching accessories.

Keepsake toys 

A carefully selected keepsake toy lasts through generations making memories down the line. Most of these toys are snuggly and cute and likely to initiate a soothing euphoria in a young one’s life. Hence, pick a durable, cuddly item that plays its role well. Do not forget to pick fantastic designs with unique intricate designs. Given that these toys last for years, settle for soft washable fabrics in beautiful designs. More importantly, ensure that the toy is safe and has minimal chances of causing any harm or choking the babies.

There's a huge choice available, and once you do your homework, you'll find the perfect gift. Make sure you know their likes and dislikes, find something that will work for parents too and also make sure you're buying in season – especially relevant for clothes and little ones, don't buy a warm snuggy jumper if it's going to be summer sun when they are the age to wear it.

Happy shopping!