The painful stages of choosing an outfit for the office party


Ah, the office Christmas party. Co-workers and alcohol can be a dangerous mix, and someone (probably you) is guaranteed to overdo it on the mulled wine and whip out their "fabulous" dance routine a little too early in the night.

Although you can't prepare for what lies ahead on the night, you can at least plan one part of your annual work event – the outfit.

If you're anything like us though, that won't exactly be a smooth process either. Here are nine stages you're guaranteed to suffer through when choosing an outfit for this year's party…

1. In mid-November, you vow that THIS will be the year you look incredible
Right, the party is six weeks away. That's loads of time to lose half a stone/save money/religiously exfoliate and moisturise daily. I'm gonna be the belle of the ball.

2. As the date draws closer, smug co-workers begin to talk about their outfits
Ugh, they're all so organised. Whatever.

3. With a week to go, you try to convince yourself you've plenty of time
Sure that's seven whole days! Oh god, who am I kidding? I'M SCREWED.

4. Cue a frantic trip into town the evening before the party
I thought Black Friday was weeks ago? Why are there so many crowds? Who are all these people?

5. You try on at least fifteen dresses, all of which look terrible
So apparently sequins don't suit me.

6. You ponder the possibility of not wearing a dress at all
I can just go in a Santa suit, sher. It'll be HILARIOUS. Casual clothing FTW.

7. You finally resign yourself to the idea of wearing the same dress as last year.
Ah, no-one will notice. We were all VERY drunk. Or maybe they'll all notice instantly? Oh god… this is so difficult.

8. You tentatively add a pair of antlers to up the "festive" element of your outfit
So fancy.

9. Party time! After two glasses of wine you instantly forget all of your outfit woes – hurrah!