The most popular movies on Disney+ have been revealed

Lion King vs Toy Story? Avatar vs Frozen? Which Disney+ film do YOU think is the world's most popular?

A new map created by Parkdean Resorts reveals exactly that! Every country's favourite Disney+ film based on data by Google.

The Coronavirus pandemic will see Disney+ overtake Amazon Prime as the second biggest streaming service, according to a new study by Digital TV Research.

So, as people are at home streaming now more than ever, what does this look like broken down by country? The results might surprise you!

These are every country's favourite Disney+ films!

The study analysed Google search data to reveal which Disney+ film is the favourite in every country across the world. 

Overall the worlds most popular Disney+ film choice is Frozen with 1.9 million Google searches globally every year since it launched.

This is then followed by Avatar, Cars and Aladdin. 

Ireland's favourite Disney+ movie is Moana, which comes as no surprise! The UK couldn't get enough of Avatar. And Disney fans in Sweden are loving High School Musical. French viewers have been tuning into Ratatouille and Moldova is loving Cinderella.

The data shows that Avatar takes the crown in 28 countries, while Frozen is favourite in just 16 but has the largest amount of searches (1.9 million) of any Disney+films in the study. 

The research reveals a love of both modern and classic Disney films across Ireland, with Moana taking the top spot, followed by worldwide favourite Avatar. Disney Channel's, High School Musical comes in at third place, which was a smash hit with millennials on release in 2006. 

Disney has since released several live-action revivals of their most iconic films which have kept them popular. Lady and the Tramp, Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and Mulan all sit in the UK's top ten and have had the blockbuster treatment, introducing the classic stories to a new generation.