The most annoying people in your Instagram feed


Instagram has become quite the phenomenon. It’s a way for us to shove self-indugent information in other people’s faces without the OTT aspects of a Facebook status.

But, whether you like it or not, there are things that will grind your gears. Maybe it’s the food pics or the succession of couple selfies that make you cringe – either way, Instagram can be infuriating.

1. Airport Check-in
This may be an ‘out of the ordinary’ post, but it does get on certain people’s nerves. We are jealous enough that you are jetting off while we sit in the office staring at the hailstones banging against the window, so, we don’t need to see your pint of Bulmers in the airport titled: “Cheeky drink before Londonnn”.


2. Juice Diets
Yeah, yeah you’re better than us. We get it. Oh did someone say ‘bandwagon’?


3. Healthy Foods
#paleo #cleanliving #glutenfree #fitspo #healthyliving – #youaresoannoyingcanyoupleasestopdoingthisthanks. Unless you are blogging or have a purpose behind this, no one cares that you’re eating healthily or making the most delicious paleo brownies.


4. #nofilter
Awesome. You’re not just good looking – you are SO attractive you don’t need to use a filter. Congratulations! 


5. Weight Loss Selfies
It is great that you lost weight. Everyone should be healthy and you should be proud. But a constant stream of pictures of you tensing, showing your six pack and saying how much weight you’ve lost, is really, really annoying.


6. Mirror Selfies
They can be vain, they can be in unusual places and we really do wonder how people get their bodies to bend like that. They are certainly not the worst but they aren’t the best either.


7. Work Out Selfies
For some reason some fellow Instagrammers out there feel they should let the world know every time they are in the gym. Whether it is on the treadmill, in the locker room or lifting weights, you just have to show people. For people who prefer to sit on their ass all day eating chipper chips and numerous packs of Mighty Munch, it can get annoying.



8. Couple Selfies
We get it you are in a relationship, but the pictures of you guys kissing and spooning is just too much. Also if you’re both supposedly asleep, who is taking the picture?! Nobody likes these unless they are in the actual relationship…and it’s a picture of them.


via our content partner CT